My Personal Productivity Set-Up

Lonneke Heijnen / March 30, 2024

1 min read

The tech stack I use for my personal life:

  • Google Keep: to-do lists, shared grocery lists and quick capture fleeting notes.
  • Notion: this is where I do daily habit tracking and also one-line-a-day journaling. Notion used to be my go-to tool for everything (I organized my entire master thesis in Notion for example!), but since I'm no longer a student and I'm working less on my personal laptop, this wasn't feasible anymore.
  • Obsidian: this is where I store private journal entries, health logs, book reviews and travel recommendations. It basically serves as my second brain. I love it because it's based on local markdown files (so yay for privacy and long-term managing of your files) and the way it works actually forces your note-taking to be simple. My goal is to migrate fully from Notion to Obsidian somewhere this year after I have managed a nicely working syncing set-up between my phone and laptop.

Note that this post is still being worked on.